King’s Hospital was constructed over the past five years due to the generosity of many friends of the Morquette’s.   Fundraising began in May of 2007 by Fred and Annette Schramm of St. Charles, IL.  Dr. Junie delivered her first presentation at a fund raising breakfast and completely stepped out in faith to start building with the initial $50,000.00 raise.  Supporters continued to donate through various fundraisers allowing King's to celebrate a grand opening in December, 2010.  It is now fully staffed and contributes greatly to its community especially through its signature program for expectant mothers.   

 Prior to the January 12th earthquake, Kings had barely opened its doors and had performed less than 25 surgeries.

Kings Hospital photo

On January 12th, as we all know, Haiti was literally turned up-side down. An already desperate country faced an incomprehensible nightmare and Kings Hospital was in the middle of it.  Dr. Morquette and Dr. Junie were aided by a visiting surgeon, Dr. Alexander and his wife for the first few days until relief agencies intervened.  The hospital grounds were covered with wounded men, woman and children.    Three weeks after the quake a medical team arrived from Christ Community Church of St. Charles.  This was only possible due to the generosity of a local business man, a willing pilot and a turbo prop plane.  They arrived to find an energetic doctor and group of nurses from ACC, another long time partner.  The team soon discovered that the acute trauma was for the most part contained and attended to wound maintenance and other needed surgeries.

Since that time hundreds of patients and a host of medical teams have come through Kings doors, many lives have been saved.  Kings was named one of the top 8 hospitals in the relief effort.  Now with willing givers they will continue to survive and strive toward self-sufficiency.  

Kings Hospital Partners

  • , St. Charles, IL.
  • Lumiere Medical Ministries, Gastonia, NC.
  • Apostolic Christian Church, Morton, IL.